70½ Fast Approaching? Not Sure What To Do With Required Minimum Distributions?

In this special report you will learn what to do

to minimize the impact of the IRS rule forcing your to withdraw money from your IRA and

other retirement accounts...

Did You Know The IRS Will Impose a 50% Penalty on Required Distributions NOT Taken?

Learn How to Avoid This and Other Common Retirement Mistakes...

In This Guide You'll Discover:

How to calculate your required minimum distribution and what you should do with the money once you've withdrawn it.

How much additional income tax you can expect to pay as a result of the distribution.

How you can legally reduce taxes on those distributions.

In This Guide You’ll Discover:

How do you calculate your required minimum distributions and what do you do with the money once you’ve withdrawn it

How to avoid the 50% IRS penalty on failure to withdraw your RMDs

How much additional income tax can expect to pay as a result of these annual distributions

How Required Minimum Distributions affect your overall retirement plan

How you can legally reduce your income taxes on these distributions

I want to avoid paying unnecessary taxes on my IRA account 

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